Who We Are

The mind behind Autism Journeys

Sharon McCarthy is a parent in an autism and additional needs household in rural Cork. She has advocated for her family for many years to ensure educational, physical and health needs are met, and that her children are afforded equitable opportunity to realise their potential.

She the mind behind, and presenter of, Autism Journeys Radio Show on UCC98.3fm, a show centred on gaining the perspectives and telling the stories of figures in the autism community. Guests to date include local parents and bloggers like Lenore Good (Out in the Sticks with Six) and authors Jennifer Cook-O Toole (Asperkids) and Steve Silberman (Neurotribes). She has also been lucky enough to interview some of the world’s leading autism advocates and researchers including Luke Beardon, Lenny Thornton, Simon Baron Cohen and Tony Attwood. She prides herself on the eclectic mix of information in the many podcasts of these interviews now available on SoundCloud and Spotify.

Passionate About Progression…

Sharon is passionate about progression in the field of disability and autism, continuing to upskill to best support autism parents and autistic individuals. She strives to ensure educational professionals and support staff are equipped to respectfully meet the needs of said individuals. She holds a diploma in Autism Studies and a higher diploma in Facilitating Inclusion, Disability Studies, both from University College Cork, along with a Post Graduate Certificate in Autism Studies from Mary Immaculate College, Limerick. She is also both a qualified advocate and a childcare professional.

Providing Support & Advice…

Sharon works alongside and provides support and advice for autistic individuals and their families, on both personal and professional bases. She has worked as an educational advocate for children in primary, secondary and university education and she has guest lectured on several autism courses in the Cork College of Commerce. She has delivered many autism specific training workshops to both support and educational staff working with autistic individuals and she also assesses any environment to ensure the setting is structured to best meet the needs of autistic individuals.

Our Core Areas