Bespoke Training

To date Sharon has developed and delivered a number of training workshops and lectures, covering topics including sensory processing, anxiety, autism in the primary years, autism in university/college and visual strategies.

Training Details

Sharon has also on occasion included additional teaching to cover co-occurring conditions like Developmental Coordination Disorder, ADHD or mental wellbeing challenges like depression. Feedback for all training sessions have been positive, with 100% of attendees reporting that they would recommend this training to colleagues. Training is a combination of lecture, cognitive activities, social activities and simulations, and teaching techniques are evidence based, following the principles of Universal design for learning and the VAKT model of learning (Visual, Auditory, Kinaesthetic and Tactile). Sharon offers bespoke workshops; written, designed and delivered on request, to meet individual client needs and to ensure those being trained are best equipped to support the individuals they work with.

Adult workshop

Aimed at healthcare professionals and support workers, this workshop delves into a variety of different areas pertaining to the support of autistic adults. It focuses predominantly on providing tools to recognise the needs of adults under participants’ care, and easily implemented practical strategies to support these needs. Discussion and interactivity are central to all of Sharon’s workshops, and this is the perfect way to provide your staff with a space to gain all the information they need on supporting older individuals on the autism spectrum.

Sensory processing and anxiety

Sensory processing and anxiety are arguably the areas that have the single largest impact on the daily living of autistic individuals, and the two are often strongly interlinked with one another. Using a combination of group discussion, theoretical information and practical simulations, this workshop informs users of the various methods to recognize how various sensory processing difficulties and anxieties present, as well as identify their triggers. It also provides attendees with a wealth of easily implemented strategies to manage the effects of sensory overload and excess anxiety.


For many autistic individuals and their families, the experience of school can be a huge challenge. This workshop is designed to give parents and professionals the tools necessary to best support the autistic individuals in their lives. Starting with primary/playschool and moving up through the various levels of education, Sharon brings her wealth of knowledge and experience in these settings to the fore, and offers advice on classroom strategies, navigating IEPs, modifying the school environment to suit the child’s need and more.


Sharon has developed an extensive range of visual supports to help reduce stress and anxiety and to structure the environment and schedule of the autistic person’s day. This workshop provides practical training and demonstrations on how to use her five packs: the Foundation Visuals Package, the Build on basics package, the Schools and Education package, the Emotional Literacy Package and the Task Analysis Package. This training is particularly useful for individuals who may only be beginning their ‘Autism Journey’, and serves as a great general overview of the applicability and practical advantages of using visual supports with autism.