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Break Cards

Everybody takes a break from whatever they're doing from time to time. For autistic individuals or those with sensory processing differences, sitting for a long time can prove hugely problematic [...]


Anxiety is the body's autonomic response to perceived danger and is otherwise known as the body's fight, flight, freeze, fawn or faint mechanism. When one feels anxious their heart may [...]

The Purple One

The Purple One Transitions occur many times during the day and can be a huge source of anxiety for the autistic person. This is often because what may happen upon [...]


In the midst of the current Covid19 outbreak, many parents are worried, unsure that their autistic child or adult's needs will be understood or met if it's necessary to make [...]

Autism Communication Passport

It is essential that any person working with, or supporting a young autistic person, has a good understanding of that child’s sensory profile, their likes and dislikes, where their strengths [...]

Study Tips

It’s that time of year again- Christmas is just around the corner, and as exciting as that is, there’s something else looming on the horizon: exams. Whether you’re in [...]

The benefits of environmental modification

The environment has arguably the biggest influence on an autistic individual and their ability to participate and succeed. Therefore, it is essential the environment is conducive to an individual’s profile, [...]


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