Everybody takes a break from whatever they’re doing from time to time. For autistic individuals or those with sensory processing differences, sitting for a long time can prove hugely problematic and remaining still for extended periods of time can cause sensory dysregulation, resulting in the individual withdrawing or becoming overwhelmed emotionally or physically. Equally an autistic person can find themselves feeling that same sense of sensory overwhelm or dysregulation in a space or environment that is not conducive to their sensory needs. When individuals become sensorily dysregulated, levels automatically begin to increase, and it becomes impossible for the autistic individual to remain focused or to successfully participate. To best accommodate sensory needs, establish as routine and use a break card across the day. Thank you to Elizabeth Noonan, a young autistic adult, for sharing her insight into how beneficial using these break cards can be, and for offering her designs for people to use as break card visuals.