Supporting Autonomy – Paperback

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Visual strategies to set the autistic  child up for success РPaperback.

This programme flips the narrative on the traditional idea of changing the child to suit the environment by instead providing the tools to modify said environment. Ultimately, environmental change through visual structure works to preserve mental wellbeing and best meet the needs of any autistic young person.



Supporting Autonomy is a unique resource providing instruction for the autistic person and those supporting them. The resources contained within can be used across any environment or situation, to provide predictability and structure, thereby lessening any anxiety felt and in turn, supporting both sensory and emotional regulation.

Containing more than 60 visual boards and more than 700 interchangeable visual tools, Supporting Autonomy is the perfect way to structure any environment and empower a child to maximise their potential.

– anxiety management
– emotional literacy
– sensory processing
– communication


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